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PREA Act Information

PREA Act Information

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (“PREA”) is a federal law that prohibits sexual misconduct in correctional settings such as prisons, jails, lockups, juvenile facilities, and INS detention facilities.

Sexual misconduct under this law includes:
• Offender-on-offender sexual assault and abuse;
• Staff-on-offender sexual misconduct (sexual/inappropriate relationships with inmates);
• Offender-on-offender and staff-on-offender sexual harassment.

The Garvin County Detention Center (“GCSO”) is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for staff and inmates. GCSO has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct of any kind and will impose discipline for such misconduct, up to and including dismissal for staff and serious infractions for inmates who victimize other inmates. Incidents of sexual misconduct will also be referred to law enforcement when applicable. GCSO’s policies regarding sexual misconduct apply to all inmates, both incarcerated and on community supervision. They also apply to employees, contractors, and volunteers.

How do I Report Sexual Misconduct?


If you have information regarding a GCSO inmate who has been the victim of sexual misconduct while under GCSO custody or community supervision, please call 1-405-238-7591.

  • You don’t have to give your name; your contact phone number and address is optional. But it is important that you provide as many details as possible. This includes: The name(s) and locations of persons involved
  • The name(s) or description of any witnesses to the incident
  • GCSO inmate number
  • A brief description of the incident(s)
  • A brief description of where the event(s) occurred
  • The date(s), time and place of occurrence(s)
  • Names and contact information of others who might have additional information about the incident

You can also report information regarding an inmate by calling CALL Rainn at 1-800-656-4673. RAINN is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. RAINN created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline 

GCSO Inmates can also report by submitting a kite, a grievance, telling a trusted staff member, and asking a family member or friend to call the CALL Rainn hotline.

What if someone I know is being victimized?

Immediately report any known or suspected victimization of a GCSO inmate

If you are needing to call and suspected victimization of an ICE Detainee please go to https://www.ice.gov/PREAcasereview

Annual PREA Report


Each year GCSO will publish an annual report regarding PREA-related incidents along with plans to improve prevention, detection, and investigation activities.

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), is provided here to educate and inform citizens of Garvin County. PREA is federal law, and if violations occurred, they would be addressed in the appropriate judicial setting. This policy is not intended to change the standard of care or the liability that is mandated by the PREA.

ALL allegations of PREA will be investigated either criminally or administrative by the Undersheriff or his designee. Detainees will be notified of the outcome of the investigation when completed.

Garvin County will ensure that an administrative and/or criminal investigation is completed for all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment per 115.22(a).

 Garvin County will ensure that all allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment are referred for investigation to a shift Deputy, the PREA Coordinator, or Jail Investgations per 115.22(b).

  1. a) The Deputy, the PREA Coordinator, or Jail Investigations will ensure that there is a complete tracking system from the initial request through the final disposition.
  2. b) The PREA Coordinator will retain statistical data to include:

             1: Number of allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment reports received

             2: Number of allegations resulting in administrative investigations

            3: Number of allegations referred for criminal investigation

            4: Number of investigations completed.

            5: Garvin County will document all such referrals.

 5) If a detainee is a victim, suspect, or witness to any possible PREA event, the housing supervisor will 115.22(b)(d)(e)(f):

  1. a) Notify the on-site Garvin County supervisor
  2. b) Notify ICE ERO c) Document the notification via email



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